Third Party Reviews

Alex K. | July 15, 2018 |

"Friendly service with a smile. Always plenty of stylists working therefore I've never waited that long. Make sure you do an online check in before you head there. I feel guilty skipping the lines, but that's the perk of using online check in! Prices are comparable to other barbershops and hair cut locations. This is definitely my go to my myself and my boys. (They do a great jobs with my 4 year old every time)"

Rob Kornegay | June 30, 2018 |

"Kim was nice but doesn’t listen. This is twice now we asked for something and she just kept cutting and cutting and cutting. Pics attached. Don’t mind coming back but we def don’t want Kim."

L Jo | June 19, 2018 |

"Been here previously with good results, but today’s haircut was terrible. I am not sure if it was total incompetence or pathological cruelty."

Eric Carr | May 16, 2018 |

"Wonderful place to get a haircut, with a nice friendly staff with skills! I forgot my wallet today, and Cally the manager easily helped me pay with just my card number, A++ service!!!"

CJ T. | June 07, 2012 |

"This was a first for me. I have always gone to a high end salon to get my hair cut. Today was one of those days when I had no choice. i was out of time and my stylist at Chelsea's couldn't fit me in. I drove to SportClips scared to death my hair would pay for this rash decision for the next 2 months. When I walked in my fears doubled as I saw a young man receiving the final touches on what appeared to be a cross between a Mohawk and some kind of war bonnet. The business itself was exactly what I expected. Clean, TV's everywhere, lots of flashy posters, and price lists showing off their services. The gal cutting my hair, like all of them there, was in her early 20's. Her name was Tiffany. She was very nice, but far to young to have any real experience, is what I kept hearing over and over in my head. After a 5 minute wait Tiffany finished with her client and greeted me with an introduction and a hand shake. She escorted me back and asked the right questions to find out this was my first visit to their place. Next she brought me through a scripted rundown of everything they offered and how much I'm going to love their services. Obviously the staff had been well trained to follow procedures. I was right about the lack of any great experience on the stylists part, but that didn't mean she didn't do an excellent job. As requested she avoided the clippers and used scissors, listened to exactly what I was looking for, and ended up with an excellent haircut. Not 100% as good as the professional salons, but she was in the 90% range. MUCH better than I had expected when I plopped my snob butt down in her chair. What followed next was a little on the silly side. SportClips offers a special package for new customers, which then becomes a paid extra when you return. While washing your hair they wrap your face with a warm towel and you are given a "nice massage", which actually turns out to be a vibrating chair that really neither relaxes nor massages. Still, I could see what they were going for. After the hair cut it's back to the chair for a shoulder massage. Again, a cheap attempt using a hand held vibrating tool that really neither relaxed nor massaged. It was a nice attempt, but unnecessary to win over someone like me. All in all I would say Tiffany did an outstanding job, the place was clean and people friendly. On top of that you just can't beat the price. $16 for a haircut along with a $5 tip. I walked out with a great cut for under half the price I would have normally paid at my old salon. My recommendation if you're looking for a really good haircut at a great price... Go see Tiffany at SportClips. You'll be glad you did."

Eric A. | March 05, 2014 |

"I haven't had a haircut anywhere but sportclips since they opened up their initial store in Killearn (this store). Excellent experience for guys and fast consistent haircuts. Highly recommended."

Odd R. | December 01, 2014 |

"I was starting to look like a werewolf so I decided to get a trim. Went in on a Monday night and got the best haircut I've had in a good long time. Emily was very nice and cut my hair exactly as I wanted. I'll definitely be coming back again."

Ann G. | July 06, 2016 |

"Took my boys two boys (age 9 and 12) to SportsClips this afternoon. A woman was at the register. No greeting. This was my first time so I did not know "the system". Being ignored by the stylist behind the counter, I figured it out and signed my boys in. There were about 4 men ahead of us. After an hour waiting, I noticed that men who had come in and signed in after us were going ahead of us. After the third one, I got up and asked what was going on. One of the stylists gave the excuse that some of the men had stated they were "in a rush". There were 5 stylists. It appeared we were being skipped over intentionally, for customers they were more familiar with. My general feeling was that I was being avoided for more desirable male paying customers. I can not give a rating for the haircuts because I left due to the horrible service. We ended up going to Cost Cutters where we were greeted nicely, served quickly and fairly and it was much less expensive."

Chris R. | December 21, 2016 |

"I've come here to have my 16 year old sons hair cut 3 times now. The 1st & last time was the same outcome, completely ignored by staff. 3 girls working this time, Jenette & Michelle with customers, and a blond with not one customer, looked at us & began cleaning up. Didn't say anything to us, went into the equipment room twice, again, didn't say anything, just ignored us. Ten (10) minutes later, when the Michelle finished with her customer, she said Jessica was not at this location tonight, so my son told the her she could cut his hair. She said she had to clean up first, which she did in short order, acknowledged & greeted him and finished with a very good haircut. 3 strikes your out as the say in MLB! Sport Clips, out of all hair places, should know that! Find somewhere else! THUMBS DOWN!"

Steve | March 14, 2018 |

"I was in need of a fast cut. What I got was an awesome experience and a great cut. Lisa did a great job and was so friendly with a great conversation during my time in her chair. I will be back!! I recommend you ask for her."